As a JD and experienced software developer, systems administrator, and information technology manager now pursuing a PhD in law and technology, I combine deep technical know-how with effective, people-focused skills. I am as comfortable installing WordPress in a custom-built LAMP environment as I am at researching and writing a brief for an attorney who needs cost-effective legal research and writing assistance. I can communicate with programmers and CEOs, scientists and musicians. I am, in short, the ideal law and technology consultant.

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Knowledge & Experience

  • Linux, Solaris, and Windows servers
  • Thin-client deployment and support
  • WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous and similar blogging software
  • Perl, Python, shell scripting, C, and other programming languages
  • Javascript, CSS, HTML, RSS and similar Web-focused technologies
  • Databases, from MySQL (LAMP) to Microsoft Access on Windows
  • Westlaw, LexisNexis, Google Scholar, and similar legal research systems
  • Research and writing (published work and work for the courts and attorneys)
  • Time tracking, incident tracking, and billing systems

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  • Ten years as a consultant, Web developer, systems analyst, and IT manager for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  • Teacher and educator at UCSD
  • Intern and externships at the Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center and the California Court of Appeal
  • Senior Computer Specialist at the University of Washington
  • Undergraduate advisor at the University of Washington
  • Intern in I/S Re-engineering at (now-defunct) Washington Mutual bank

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  • PhD, University of California, San Diego, History of Science & Science Studies, in progress
  • JD, University of California, Hastings College of the Law, May 2009
  • BA, University of Washington, Comparative History of Ideas, cum laude, June 1998
  • BA, University of Washington, Comparative Literature and Spanish, cum laude, June 1998

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Along with the rest of Nelson Consulting, I am effective asset for you and your business, and we can do so for a reasonable cost that maximizes your return-on-investment.

  • Create a website for you or your business.
  • Manage and advise on your social media presence.
  • Create, deploy, or maintain your applications or servers.
  • Write copy for your website.
  • Research and write legal materials.
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Need a website or a social media presence? We can do that.

Need research and writing? We can do that, too.

My Work

I've been developing for the World Wide Web since 1993, and have extensive experience with everything from Perl and PHP to Linux and Solaris.

A selection of sites I've worked on is available for you to review.

My Writing

I've written a number of articles while pursuing a JD and PhD. Some of my work is available for you to read, including Transnational Wiretaps and the Fourth Amendment and With a Pox to You! The Slow Defeat of Anti-Vaccinators Before 1950. more →

I hired Kris to design an affordable but highly professional website for my law firm. He took the time to create a wonderful site that I feel great about. I highly recommend his services.
Matthew S. Koken, The Law Office of Matthew S. Koken.

Note: I am not soliciting you in order to provide legal representation. My consulting services do not form an attorney-client relationship. I only offer legal research and writing services under the supervision of another attorney. (Other consulting services are available to anyone).